Childrens Walkouts

Our location allows Children to begin their riding experience with walkouts on the quiet no through road leading through the scenic village of Stanton St Bernard.

We would normally recommend the children start at the age of 4+.
We encourage older children and you are never to old to start, but unfortunately due to insurance purposes we cannot take any children under 3 years of age.
3-4 year olds are welcome but they MUST be supported on the pony by one of their PARENTS, this again is due to insurance.

We like to start all children on walkouts. These are usually half an hour in length and the children will ride a pony led by a member of our staff on foot.
During these initial walkouts our staff will help and encourage the children into the idea of steering, stopping and as they progress, rising trot.
These are treated as an informal lesson for the children into the basics of riding and aim to be fun and engage the children into the skills and techniques of riding they will take for granted in the future.

As the children progress we would then recommend moving onto “Stepping Stones” the first stage of more formal lessons, To View The Childrens Lessons Page Click Here.

To check which type lesson your child requires or see what they need to achieve to move up a level please check our Lesson Progression Guide (click here).

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