Childrens Lessons

If your children are looking to start riding as complete beginners we recommend visiting our Children’s Walkout pages first, Click Here.

Once children have started to develop their riding skills in the walkouts, our staff will recommend they move into a “stepping stones” lesson.
Stepping stones is the first of the more formal riding lessons aimed at children, We aim to take the skills they have learnt during their walkouts and develop them and help them to progress with their riding.

The children will initially continue with a member of staff leading from foot, and this will continue as required until they are confident and capable of controlling the ponies them selves.
Stepping stones lessons are carried out in one of our arenas.
These initial lessons are aimed at getting the children riding independently in walk and trot, once they have achieved this we can help them to learn the more advanced riding techniques.

Once the children are confident without leaders we aim to move them into group lessons to progress their riding further.
We are usually running different group lessons through out the week and we will discuss their progression to a suitably timed lesson with parents before hand. Each group lesson is tailored to the riders skill level therefore we need to asses the children’s skill before any movements.

To check which type lesson your child requires or see what they need to achieve to move up a level please check our Lesson Progression Guide (click here).

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